Upcoming Events at OBEC

We will be hosting a variety of events at ScaleBase, including networking events, expert clinics, workshops and much more.
Nov 2022
Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes University


Informal networking events open to the whole of the life sciences community.

Past Events at OBEC

At the Enterprise Centre, we brought together different sectors from across the Oxfordshire ecosystem and hosted in-person events for startups and SMEs in BioTech, Autonomous Vehicles, AI, Quantum and much more. Don’t worry if you missed these events. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events.
11 May
Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes University

Opportunities in Oxfordshire for Health Tech and Care Tech Startup/Spinouts

This session will explore funding opportunities for companies working in technology enabled health and care. Discussing how external funding can bring NHS Trusts, Councils, SMEs and Startups together.

On the panel we have four brilliant speakers from across the Health Tech and Care Tech ecosystem.

28 April
Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes University

AI and Machine Learning Applications in BioTechnology

How AI has drastically changed the BioTech landscape, and will be discussing in more detail how this has altered the timelines for research avenues including Cell Therapeutics, Pathogen Testing and Medical Analysis.

5 May
Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes University

Autonomous Vehicles Panel – What does the future of mobility look like in Oxford?

Exploring the current challenges and successes in Autonomous Vehicles in Oxfordshire. Discussing where autonomous vehicles are right now, how the technology is being commercialised and what is being done to reduce the cost of autonomous vehicles.

With speakers from StreetDrone, Oxford Council, Oxford Brookes and OxBotica


If you want to host a meetup or workshop in our events space, get in touch via our contact form or email us on enterprisecentre@brookes.ac.uk